Thursday, March 20, 2014

Home security requires good web security

A large, nationwide, home security firm uses Yozons to securely deliver signed copies of their sales agreements that they otherwise process using their existing CRM and order processing systems.

Of course, they also keep their official, legal copy permanently stored in our encrypted repository as well.

When they started back in early 2006, they were sending out roughly 1,500 agreements per month.  By 2009, they were up to 2,000 per month, and then 2,500 monthly agreements in 2010.  During this time, they were running our web services on their own internal server running in their data center.

By 2013, they were doing 3,500 monthly transactions, with occasional monthly peaks over 4,000, now using a private web server operated by Yozons on their behalf.

All told, Yozons is now managing nearly half a million signed sales agreements on a private web server running our technology branded for their needs.

Their private web server allows them to operate our technology as if were entirely their own, using their domain name and SSL certificate for the web contracting web site, yet still having Yozons perform the 24x7x365 operations, monitoring and maintenance in our data center.  This has relieved their internal IT department from the tasks of managing an additional server so they can focus on their core mission of supporting their in-house applications, PCs and networks.

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