Sunday, June 8, 2014

Going Postal Prevented: Multi-deployments for an international corporation

The term "going postal" may have bad connotations, but for our S&P 500 customer, the post office has provided a huge opportunity that has spanned many decades and has led to myriad related products, services and software solutions.

Yozons has developed and deployed more than a handful of enterprise web applications for this customer, including divisions in the United States, Canada and Europe.  The web deployments are distinct geographically and by type of web contracting that takes place, mirroring the specialized divisions and needs of this international company.

They also have deployed our patented e-signature software on our managed private web server offering, complete with a warm standby operating in another state, freeing up their internal IT resources.  The private web server gives them the advantage of complete branding using their domain name and SSL certificate, custom secured FTP access to their back-end systems, as well as isolation of their data from our many other customers.  Furthermore, Yozons provides 24x7x365 monitoring and daily encrypted off-site storage of backups.
Several of their web applications involve multiple forms in a package, with a multi-step process involving their customers who sign the agreements, as well as outside third-parties who approve and authorize their customers’ applications. Reports keep them current on the status at all times.

Though Yozons generally discourages printing documents, signing and then faxing or mailing them back, a couple of deployments had this requirement as an option.  Regardless, Yozons delivered on time and within budget.  Yozons built into the web contracting process a fax processing step so that returned signed agreements can be uploaded, annotated and stored with the electronic version.  Having this feature ensures all agreement packages signed online and on paper are kept in the single encrypted repository with powerful search capabilities to find their agreements.

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