Thursday, July 17, 2014

Physical therapy is hard work made easier with secure online records

One of our earliest customers on Open eSignForms is a physical therapy office run by a woman and her small team of PTs.  She has studied myriad forms of physical therapy and massage, including quite a bit of advanced training in Kauai.  Nothing like a business need to study for three weeks on the garden isle!

One of the biggest pains for PTs is the need for accurate record keeping, especially when needed for audits by insurance companies and other legal proceedings as some of her customers were hurt in accidents that resulted in seeking her care. 

With Open eSignForms, she and her staff are able to record their findings on their Physical Therapy Initial Evaluation form, recording the patient's information, type of injury, current health condition, symptoms, medications and to note how well the patient is able to perform various activities.  They can also create PT Treatment Notes that correspond with insurance billing codes, as well as Progress Notes to record changes in patient's health and functional activities as well as to record impressions and treatment plans. Lastly, they can enter their Discharge Summary Note to track the various activities their patients were seeking treatment for, recording their goal at initial evaluation, and then recording their status at the time of discharge.

With these secure patient records maintained in her own independent system, there is no lost paperwork, access is restricted to authorized personnel, and all records can be reviewed even while traveling on business, or when in Kauai for more training!