Thursday, April 27, 2017

HR Onboarding Solutions wins business plan competition

Yozons is proud that one of its resellers, HR Onboarding Solutions, LLC, has won a business plan competition in San Angelo, Texas.

Read more in their local newspaper.

Brent Jameson, founder of HR Onboarding Solutions, started reselling Yozons Open eSignForms in 2014 after being a long-time customer of Yozons HR systems at multiple times at various companies in Texas, including a bank and a large chemical company.

Brent started out reselling our HR applicant tracking and onboarding product (previously called My HR eSignForms Suite) that he calls HROS, and quickly partnered to co-develop a DOT onboarding package of documents to track DOT drivers that can be deployed standalone or integrated into HROS.

With his ever growing list of clients, he now not only offers his customers solutions built on our servers, but he also operates two independent private web servers for his larger "multi-client systems" where large numbers of his smaller clients share a single, yet customizable and brandable, service with a shared, outsourced HR management team.

Brent didn't stop with HROS and DOT.  He now has two additional products he developed entirely on his own.

The first is his Student Onboarding Service (SOS) for accepting applications for families with 1-7 children and then providing student registration for those accepted applications.  Often, applications must first go through a lottery to determine who is offered the opportunity to attend a given Texas charter school.  SOS is primarily offered now as a multi-client service in partnership with the largest charter school organizations in Texas.

The second and most recent product offering is his Leave of Absence (LOA) system used by companies and financial/insurance providers related to employees who need to take leave based on the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993 (FMLA) or Short-Term Disability (STD).

All of his products and services run on Yozons Open eSignForms.  Please contact Brent by email for a demo of his rapidly expanding services.

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