Friday, April 4, 2014

High volume seasonal hiring made easy, well, easier

For this installment, I'd like to discuss a large merchandising company that does high volume seasonal hiring, mostly to meet the demands of the large retails they service.

During peak hiring, over 500 people on any given day are in some stage of the online hiring process, from initial filling out a job application, to interviewing, through internal approval, store assignment, completing various new employee documents, I-9 and e-Verify, and finally payroll setup.  Much of the rest of the year, volumes are lower as they do maintain an ongoing hiring process year-round.

This company's web-based onboarding package of documents consists of over 25 forms and includes the job application, questionnaire, EEO survey, background check authorization, and various government forms like the W-4, I-9 and state tax withholding forms.

A powerful routing capability was custom developed for their hiring process on top of the Yozons e-signature platform.  Based on the applicant’s geographical location, the package of documents is assigned to an area manager.  The area manager does the initial review and then assigns the package to a specific store manager to determine whether to hire the candidate or not.  Alternatively, the area manager can override the area manager step and simply send the hiring package directly to the applicant.  Once hired, the package of documents is sent to the employee to complete all of the onboarding paperwork.  The package is then routed to the store manager to verify the employee's identity for the Federal Form I-9, and then it's routed to payroll.

With government and legal compliance concerns (i.e. “Failing to comply with Form I-9 requirements” is $110 to $1100 fine per employee -- see, this customer’s core requirement is to ensure legal compliance, to decrease the time to process all of the hiring paperwork, as well as the ability to search for onboarding packages from the past and to keep up-to-the-minute status of ongoing new hires.

Yozons rapidly built a custom HR onboarding system using our enterprise web service software.   This customer has been using their system since 2007, and they have yearly requirements to keep their system modern, useful and up-to-date with HR laws and regulations.  With this custom solution they are able to coordinate their hiring with over 100 HR staff spread across a large multi-state region.

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